1 24x36-inch map

 140 agent tokens in 4 colors

 1 Conspiracy Advange Markers

 1 52-card Intrigue Deck in 4 suites

      Blue – Dynasty

      Red – Mystic

      Green – Illuminati

      Black - Freemason

 1 54-card Action Deck

 2 Hand Rank Reference Cards

 1 12-page Rulebook


Increasing areas of the map come into play as states join the Union. At start only rightmost area is in play.


Turns are based on presidential administrations per the turn track at bottom of map.


When the New World was discovered the shadowy powers—they have no formal name but they are commonly referred to as the Illuminati—that have directed the world’s governments since the beginning of civilization realized a monumental challenge lay ahead. New lands always meant new peoples to conquer, new ideas to control and new power structures to manipulate.


Though the real history of how they spread their influence and came to dominate America will never be known, American Illuminati gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how as the leader of one of these old world dynasty’s you would have accomplished the feat.


You will become the leader of an Illuminati faction. Your objective is to infiltrate agents into the newly forming U.S. states in order to exert control over the government. The more state governments you control, the greater your power in the Federal government. The more control you have in the Federal government the more power you have in the world.


To outwit your opponents within the Illuminati you will have to manipulate legislation, start wars, make power plays … basically gain control of the most important levers of power. But what levers are the most powerful?