1 24x36-inch mounted map

1 Sheet of die-cut playing pieces

20 plastic stands for espionage agents

1  Assortment of currency

1 110-card deck of Espionage Cards

 1 12-page Rulebook


Prior to World War 2 Europe was a hotbed of spy activity as all nations attempted to gain an advantage in the looming cataclysm. In SPIES: Secret Wars you are one of these spy masters directing a team of agents around Europe in an attempt to capture enemy secrets and return them to your home country.


Of course travelling through hostile territory is not without risk and your agents may find themselves captured or even sanctioned. But these dangers can be minimized by careful planning and strategic positioning. Movement, infiltration, discovery, timely use of 'papers' are all important parts of being successful in SPIES:Secret Wars


You do not reveal which nation you are working for until it suits you, so the game starts as a free-for-all but begins to come into tighter focus each turn as allegiances are discovered and events played.


The basic game has only 4-pages of rules and can be learned in 10 minutes. After you've gotten the basics down the advanced game adds many more abilities and tactical options.